The goal of the student conduct process is to engage students in intentional conversations and activities that promote deep reflective learning to foster personal growth, community commitment, and civility. Student Conduct and Housing and Residence Life staff meets with students who were documented and referred by community partners, like law enforcement, RAs, faculty, staff and other students regarding behavior that may have been contrary to stated university values and expectations. By implementing our engagement model, Conduct Officers are responsible for facilitating dialogue that helps students reflect on their past behaviors, co-create knowledge, and build skills to help them be successful in the future.

What is going to happen?

To resolve your conduct matter, the first step in the process is to attend your conduct meeting.  The date, time, and location of that meeting is listed on your HokieSpa page. We have also listed the date of the incident that we will be discussing for your reference. 

If you need assistance prior to that meeting, please stop by Student Conduct and ask to speak to a Peer Advisor or contact the Dean of Students Office:

  • A peer advisor is a student with substantial student conduct training and a wide breadth of experience in Virginia Tech’s Student Conduct system. Peer advisors serve students as confidential advisors for issues relating to the conduct system and their specific student conduct situation.

The information you share with a peer advisor will not be used against you. During the fall and spring semesters you can meet with a peer advisor and they will assist you with your questions about the student conduct process, your case or any other questions you might have regarding Student Conduct at Virginia Tech. Please note that peer advisors are not available during breaks or over the summer. During the times where peer advisors are not available, you can contact Student Conduct and a professional staff member can meet with you to answer any questions you have and address any concerns.

  • The Student Advocacy team in the Dean of Students Office also offers advising services for students with pending student conduct matters. The professional staff in the Dean of Students are prepared to assist you with any conduct situation that you are having.  To receive assistance with your conduct matter from the Dean of Students team, visit them at 109 East Eggleston Hall or at their website. You can also call the office at (540) 231-3787 to schedule an appointment.

Both services are available for students, free of cost.