If you need a "record release" or "statement of good disciplinary standing" completed by Student Conduct, it will be necessary for you to complete a Disciplinary Record Certification form in our office. This form must be completed and signed to authorize a release of your record. Additionally, if you only want to "see what is on your record," it will require the completion of this form.

Please complete all sections on the form.

Discipline records are expunged from your conduct file five years following the date of the incident. Records pre-dating five years are no longer part of your conduct record. Your record release will only include cases in which you were found responsible for a university violation. While any information related to the case can be released to whomever you authorize, typically our office releases the following information: incident date and/or hearing date, all policies violated, sanctions issued, and if the sanctions were completed. If you require copies of actual case documents, you should note this on the request form.

While we understand that a conduct record should not define your time at Virginia Tech, we do not provide "character references" as part of a conduct record certification. Student Conduct can complete a Disciplinary Record Certification form for a graduate or professional school but only for information regarding your disciplinary record. If the school requires academic rank information, SAT scores, or a statement that you are in good academic standing, we will forward the form to the University Registrar for completion. If the institution provides their own form(s), they should be left with your request form for completion in the appropriate areas by our office.

Record release requests which need to be sent off campus must be accompanied by a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope. This should accompany your request form.

Our office strives to complete all requests within a reasonable amount of time, however, we have other responsibilities which require our attention. We must ensure that the information that we are releasing is accurate and we will not rush any request.

Requests can take 3-5 business days to complete.

Forms are completed on a first-in, first-out basis, and exceptions will not be granted. Please ensure that you have fully filled out and signed all applicable areas. Failure to do so may delay the processing of your information. We must also remind you that requests received without a stamped envelope will not be processed. If you are no longer enrolled at Virginia Tech, please mail the form and a postage-paid envelope to:

Student Conduct
141 New Hall West (0428)
Blacksburg, VA 24060