Student Conduct can be a resource for faculty or staff when it comes to consulting with students on issues relating to University Policies for Student Life, as well as other procedures outlined by Student Conduct. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Responding to Disruptive or Threatening Student Behavior: A Guide for Faculty

This guide can be found on the Dean of Students Office website.

Serving as an Advisor

Advisors are a student’s choice and can be faculty/staff members, peers, parents, or lawyers. The role of the advisor is limited to conferring with their advisee. Advisors may be present, but may not participate in the proceedings. The advisor’s role is specifically limited to conferring with her or his advisee. Advisors are not permitted to speak on behalf of the student or question any potential witnesses. If you need to request a break during the conduct meeting or formal hearing so that you can confer with your student privately, you may do so.

Should you decide to assist your student as an advisor, feel free to contact Dean of Students for resources and guidance. It is not necessary for you to contact Student Conduct and notify us that you will be advising a student.

Advisor training is conducted by our office a few times each year, or more, as requested. Please contact our office to find out when the next advisor training is scheduled.

The Dean of Students Office has staff members who also volunteer to advise students. This could be a great option if you are unable to serve in this capacity for a student, but feel it would be helpful for them to have someone present at their hearing.