When Virginia Tech has communicated that classes are cancelled or that the university is closed for inclement weather all conduct appointments, meetings, hearings, programs, workshops, and training sessions scheduled during that time will be cancelled.  Please note that this also applies to any delayed openings and early closings due to inclement weather. When the university is open, all scheduled appointments with our office will continue as scheduled, unless otherwise communicated by the office.

*Please note that if there is inclement weather and the university is open, the severe weather conditions (rain, snow, cold temperatures, ice, etc.) may prevent a staff member from remaining or returning to the university. We will do our best to keep that appointment, however, we may need to reschedule it or move it to another staff member or location. Should you have concerns about your ability to travel to campus safely due to inclement weather, please contact our office to address your concerns.

For conduct appointments, meetings, hearings, programs, and training sessions that are cancelled, a staff member will contact you to reschedule. The office may elect to communicate via email or through the Hokie Spa Student Conduct notification page to reschedule. Students are expected to check these emails and notifications.

Please understand that we are looking out for the best interest and safety of all students and staff during an inclement weather event. Thank you in advance for your understanding of any inconvenience that rescheduling a conduct meeting or event may cause due to inclement weather.

For more information, please contact us at (540) 231-3790 or studentconduct@vt.edu.