Mission and Purpose

The mission of Student Conduct at Virginia Tech is to partner with Virginia Tech community members to address a student’s conduct that is inconsistent with university expectations and resolve interpersonal, organizational, and community conflicts. Through a student-focused and learning-centered lens, we utilize a comprehensive approach to informal and formal options to uphold community standards, foster personal growth and development of life skills, and promote a civil learning environment.


Student Conduct plays a key role in educating students, faculty, staff, and other stakeholders about community expectations and values. We envision a safe, learning-centered, civil and inclusive community where all members are significantly invested in personal and collective excellence for the betterment of self, others, and community.

Core Values

As a team we approach our work through five core values.  We do this in the spirit of living the expressed values of our department, university, and higher education community. We strive to balance the needs and concerns of individuals involved in and connected to our process, as well as those of the larger community.  

  • Student-Centered: We believe in the inherent worth and strengths of each student.  We strive for students to feel heard and valued when we interact with them.  We seek to understand their unique situations, aspirations, and will be collaborative and adaptive in our approach when serving and meeting with students.  We will provide variety of support mechanisms and resources to help them be their best selves moving forward and aid in their future success.
  • Learning-Focused: We respect that everyone is a unique learner and challenge students to embrace a commitment to holistic learning. We provide a variety of experiential opportunities that create transformational learning environments.  Through intentional conversations and reflective activities we cultivate community commitment, decision-making practices, and personal growth that align with the students’ values, goals, and actions.
  • Relationally Driven: We strive to create meaningful and on-going connections with our students.  We build these connections by taking an active interest in their experiences, having empathy and genuine regard for their wellbeing, and investing effort and time into those interactions. Once a connection has been made we strive to serve as a resource for the student in their success. 
  • Community Minded: We commit to a welcoming, safe, inclusive, and civil environment, and acknowledge our students can have impact beyond themselves.  When there has been a significant impact on an individual or how the community operates or is perceived, we will engage campus and community partners and involve impacted parties in the resolution. We do this in the spirit of Ut Prosim (That I May Serve).
  • Administratively Sound: We commit to implementing and managing innovative processes and practices that adhere to the spirit and content of policies, protocols and laws.  We will communicate in a clear and timely manner and provide information that is efficient, accurate and thorough.  We will also continuously assess our work to understand its impact and identify areas of growth.